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Election Echoes

As the world’s biggest and most vibrant democracy gears up in anticipation for the Indian General Election scheduled to be held this year, we are thrilled to unveil our special series “Election Echoes’. Our goal is to delve into the multifaceted impact of this electoral festival on key sectors of our society and to shed light on what we consider pivotal issues, which must serve as the driving forces of this election campaign- particularly from the perspective of the youth in our country.

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The 2024 Outlook for India: Navigating through the Global Shifts

Author: Guneet Sahni

Theme: Global Development Finance

Date: 7th February, 2024


Sarkar vs Statute: Analyzing Legal Implications of Policy Changes Ahead of the 2024 General Elections

Author: Paridhi Jain
Theme: Law
Date: 11th March, 2024


Under the Radar: Unveiling the Rural Crisis Amidst Elections

Author: Shashank Shenoy

Theme: Economics

Date: 31st March, 2024

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