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If you can picture a bespectacled financial analyst or a no-nonsense competitive banker doubling up as an avid blogger in her free time, then you would be quite the exception among the populace at large. Of course, we all wish that it were not the case. The world of finance is filled with intriguing mysteries and everyone would love to get the low-down on some of them, preferably in a language we understand. In response to this curious streak, we at the School of Banking and Finance present The JSBF Report! At JSBF we always mean business! And business is often exciting, with a dash of inventiveness and a touch of ingenuity. This is the spot where you get to know what we are thinking about, what new challenges we are considering and what exciting solutions we are drumming up. Happy Reading!

Editorial Board

Samyak Jain

Ria Vijh

Suryateja Reddy

I am Samyak. I am a student at Jindal School of Banking & Finance, majoring in Fintech and Data Science. I like doing new and creative things in life. I like reading about the AI world! It will be my pleasure guiding you across The JSBF Report.

You can get in touch with me on email & Instagram.

I am a second year student at JSBF and I am an avid reader. I am interested in research in the field of Fintech and the new emerging technologies. I am also interested in understanding the upcoming and persistent political and social issues, especially issues related to gender inequality.

You can get in touch with me on email and instagram.

I am Suryateja Reddy from Hyderabad. I'm keenly interested in researching, blogging and debating about political related finance. Feel free to hit me up with your suggestions and ideas and we can together collaborate on any topic suitable for The JSBF Report.


You can get in touch with me on email.

Prof. Shohini Sengupta

I am Shohini. I am an Assistant Professor of Research at JSBF. I am interested in emerging and interdisciplinary issues of financial regulation, with a particular focus on gender, and social security legislation. I am also a peer reviewer with the NLIU Law Review.

 You can check my full profile here: http://jsbf.edu.in/shohini-sengupta/

Prof. Amlan Das Gupta

I am Amlan Das Gupta. I am an Associate Professor at JSBF. An economist by training I work in the field of development and environment economics. I love to read and write on social issues which have economic and political undertones.

You can check my full profile here: http://jsbf.edu.in/amlan-das-gupta/

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