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Banking, Finance, Business, and Technology in the 21st century

If you can picture a bespectacled financial analyst or a no-nonsense competitive banker doubling up as an avid blogger in her free time, then you would be quite the exception among the populace at large. Of course, we all wish that it were not the case. The world of finance is filled with intriguing mysteries and everyone would love to get the low-down on some of them, preferably in a language we understand. In response to this curious streak, we at the School of Banking and Finance present The JSBF Report. This is the spot where you get to know what we are thinking about, what new challenges we are considering, and what exciting solutions we are drumming up. We always welcome thoughtfully written pieces about fields of Finance, Business, and Economics. 


Senior Editors

Prthika Bajaj


Myra Sharma


Assistant Editors


Aadya Agarwal 


Shreya Malhotra 

I am Shreya, a second year student at Jindal School of Banking and Finance. My areas of interest include accounting, finance and economics. I also like reading about financial performances of various companies, upcoming technologies, and investing.

You can get in touch with me on and

Content Review Committee


Umang Pathak


Ajay Saran Chiratla 


Social Media Manager


Advisory Board 

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Shohini Sengupta 

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Amlan Das Gupta

Faculty Editor

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Vaneet Bhatia

Ashaawari Datta Chaudhuri 

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